Uniforms & Equipment

Uniforms are not included in the registration fee.

Teams must meet the uniform requirements by the second game of the season.

  • All players must wear a jersey that is the same color as their team and has permanent numbers affixed to them on front (4”) AND back (6”). Taped numbers are unacceptable and players with taped on numbers will only be allowed to play in the first game of the season and will not be allowed to play after that.
  • Reversible jerseys are recommended, but two opposite color jerseys to fill the requirements would be acceptable. Numbers will be of a contrasting color to the jersey worn.
  • The home team will wear light colored jerseys and visitors will wear dark colored jerseys. Teams with contrasting colors will be allowed.
  • All players must wear gym appropriate shoes for basketball.
  • Officials will not allow players to play with jewelry, including earrings and/or band-aids covering the earrings. Players cannot wear anything “hard” like plastics or metals in their hair or facial hair (beads, berets, etc).

Balls are provided by the HOME team and are the responsibility of the coaches and players.

Any questions regarding the requirements, please contact the ASA office at (972) 727-9565 or email basketball@allensports.org



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