Winter Basketball

ASA Basketball offers 3 seasons. The primary season is the Winter season. It is for boys and girls in grades K-12th grade. 

The Fall season is for middle school and high school players only. It is a short season that offers a way for middle school and high school students to keep up their skills prior to school tryouts. Winter Basketball is open to Boys and Girls  Kindergarten -12th Grade.  The Spring season is open to boys and girls in Kindergarten - 12th grade.  

Leagues are broken down by division based on the skill of the players & team. Coaches of pre-formed teams must choose division when registering.

Division I -  Teams and players who are more experienced. 

Division II - Teams and players that are developing.

Registration Information




Kindergarten-1st Grade


2nd-6th Grade

Middle School

(7-8 Grade)

High School

(9-12 Grade)

Registration Dates Closed Closed Nov. 1-Dec. 27 Nov. 1-Dec. 27
Season Dates Dec. 5- Feb. 13 Dec. 5- Feb. 13 Jan. 9-Feb. 20 JA. 9-Feb. 20
Tournament Dates None February 15-27 Feb. 22-March 4 Feb. 22-March 4
Tournament Format None Single Elimination Single Elimination Single Elimination
Number of Games 8 8 8 8
Game Days Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
Practices Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uniforms Included No No No No
Participation Awards Yes No No No
Season Awards None None None None
Tournament Awards None 1st & Second Place 1st & 2nd Place 1st & 2nd Place

Winter Registration - Coaches & Players

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Name Reg. End Play Start Play End Reg Type Fee
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Volunteer Basketball Board


  Name Email
Commissioner Mark Fleming basketball@allensports.org 
Treasurer Rick Bond  
Secretary Open basketball@allensports.org 
Equipment Director Open basketball@allensports.org 
Scheduler Rick Bond basketballscheduler@allensports.org
Kindergarten Melinda Lewis melinda_lewis@yahoo.com
1st Grade Boys & Girls Open basketball@allensports.org
2nd Grade Boys &Girls Melinda Lewis melinda_lewis@yahoo.com
3rd Grade Boys & Girls Vaughn Patterson vaughn.I.patterson@gmail.com
4th Grade Boys & Girls Mark Carroll carroll.mark.j@gmail.com
5th Grade Boys & Girls Open basketball@allensports.org
6th grad Boys  Dinah Wiss dinahwiss@yahoo.com
6th & 7th Grade Girls  Murray Conarty asald@conarty.com
Middle School Boys & Girls  Murray Conarty asald@conarty.com
High School Boys Walter Heath asa_hs_bball@sbcglobal.net


The Board Needs You!   The Volunteer Board is made up of volunteers, just like you. We have Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Parents that make up the Board and we're looking for a few more interested volunteers to help out. Volunteer Board Members participate in monthly board meetings, communicate often through email and take part in occasional topic specific meetings, all with the intent of continuing to grow the program.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Volunteer Board or feel that you can help make a difference in the program, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the existing Board members to discuss further. Changes and growth happen because of the efforts by our many volunteers.  Please help join us in our continual effort to make ASA The Place Where Kids Come To Play.


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