Thank You For Volunteering!

Our sports programs depend on volunteers as coaches and your support is needed! 

You will experience the joy of seeing players learn and develop self confidence, learn teamwork, participate in games and thoroughly enjoy playing youth sports.

As a volunteer coach with ASA you can help further the Mission of ASA to be the place Where Kids Come to Play!

At ASA coaching is a privilege and not a right. All coaches should read and  know our Vision & Mission Statement as well as our Core Values and Behaviors. In addition, coaches must read and adhere to the ASA Uniform Code of Conduct. 

ASA Vision & Mission Statement

ASA Core Values & Behaviors

ASA Uniform Code of Conduct

As a co-sponsored organization of the City of Allen, we are required to provide a coach certification process for all coaches in all sports. There are several steps to the coach certification process outlined below. This is the basic ASA coach registration and certification process. Some sports programs require additional training and/or certifications. Please check the individual sport webpage for information on any additional coaching requirements.



Coaches must be at least 21-years-old to coach in any ASA sports program.

All coaches must register online every season for every sport they will be coaching in.

Returning coaches can log in to their Sportspilot family account and register at the link below. 
New coaches who do not have a Sportspilot family account can create a family account at the same link below. Once the family account is set up they can register to coach.
By registering to coach you are agreeing to a criminal background check to be run by the ClearStar, Inc. Background checks must be run every 12 months for each registered head coach/assistant coach/manager. 

Team Invitation Code

This process was created in an effort to let parents register directly to their team instead of having to wait for the ASA staff to move everyone manually. Some sports do not use the Team Invitation Code process. Those sports include: Inline Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Track.

In order to get the team code the Head Coach MUST register online for the current season, This is especially important for the head coach because they are the ones who will be sent the Team Invitation Code.

Once registered, coaches will receive an email from ClearStar, Inc requesting a background check ($5 fee). Once the background check has been completed ASA staff will move the head coach to the roster. Then an email will be sent out to the head coach that contains the team code. When registering please make sure contact information, specifically email address, is correct. If it is not, the coach will not receive the team invitation code email.

If you have registered and have not received a request for background check from ClearStar, Inc. and it has been MORE THAN 4 days, please contact the ASA office and we can check and see why the email has not been sent. It could mean the email address is not correct in Sportspilot.

Log in to your Sportspilot account at the following link:


Sportspilot Tutorial: Manage Team Roster 

Please be sure to monitor the team roster often during registration. The ASA office staff will not be responsible for moving players over manually so players must register with the team invitation code to get placed on the team roster. If they end up in the draft pool for some reason or another, the head coach must contact the ASA office and let us know so that we can get the player moved to the team before registration closes.



New Information Coming Soon!




Student Athlete Mentor

The Student Athlete Mentor program is available to qualified high school & college student athletes who are 15- to 20-years-old. Student Athlete Mentors should be currently playing the sport they will be mentoring in or have a solid background playing the sport for no less than 2 years.  Student Athlete Mentors must apply at the ASA office and be approved to receive a Student Athlete Mentor badge. 


  • Mentors should maintain no less than a 2.0 GPA while participating in the program.
  • Badges must be renewed annually.
  • Badges must be worn to all practices & games.
  • Student Athlete Mentors do not hold a position of authority with players or parents of the team. All coaching authority remains with the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches of the team.
  • Mentors should never be left alone with players during practice or games.
  • Mentors may attend practice and help in the dugout during games.
  • Mentors may NOT sit on the bench in a coaching capacity (volleyball/basketball).
  • Mentors may NOT stand in as a base coach on the field (baseball/softball).


Student Athlete Mentor Application 

(Must be submitted to the ASA office for approval)

Sport Specific Coaching Requirements

Some sports programs have additional sport specific coaching requirements. You can find these additional requirements at the links below.